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The Charlie Cat Tepee Bed is a perfect spot for a cat to lounge and have a nap in a safe and protected space. The bed is raised from the floor to allow it to conform to the cat's body, creating a cozy hammock. If your kitty prefers privacy, you can close the front; if your kitty prefers to be part of the action the cover can be left open or even removed. The cover is not secured to the cat bed, so the cat can feel totally safe and can leave the bed out of any side. 

The cozy felt/canvas fabric is both soft and durable. The poles are made of a light pine. The Charlie Cat Teepee Bed is easily assembled- no tools required.  

Product Features

  • The bed is made with a durable, washable felt/canvas fabric that is soft and cozy. 
  • Poles are made of pine and easily snap together. 
  • Outer cover can be removed for an open bed. 
  • The bed is raised from the floor to create a hammock.
  • Sides are not attached to the bed giving cat easy access in and out.
  • Cover can be closed, left open or removed.
  • Easily disassembled and flattened for storage.


  • Size of the Cat Teepee is: 28.3" height by 21.7" width
  • Bottom cat bed  panel is 15.25" by 15.25" 

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