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Dog crates are utilized properly for sleeping and resting, never as banishment or punishment for bad behavior. It could have an essential role to play in training and socializing your four legged friend. Dogs enjoy having their own private space where they could relax and just get away from it all. Provide your dear best friend with a secure and safe space that is just hers and where she will be more self assured and happier.

Dog crates have lots of good uses. Once you have a large or medium dog and you plan to travel with your pet, you will want a dog crate for the drive. Dog crates could be utilized for house training and traveling with your furry best friend in your car. Lots of dogs love to sleep and hang out in their crate at home.

What is the best crate for your dog?

MIM Variocage Crash Tested Dog Travel Crate is the only approved crate for dog available on the market and only proven transport cage for dogs all over the world. Variocage Crash Tested Dog Travel Crate is the only crate rated utilizing government safety standards.

The MIM Variocage is made and designed to provide the utmost level of security. This dog crate is the only cage available proven to withstand impacts during all kinds of collisions, where less restraint might let your dog become a deadly projectile in the vehicle.

Lessen the dangers in a severe rear end crash. This dog crate mimics the purpose of the car’s crumple zones, largely eliminating the possible harms to your furry friend as well as passengers. The Safe Variocage dog crate has been qualified to meet or surpass stringent collision test security standards that are established by UNEC in Europe.

The state of the art dog crate comes in four adjustable models and fourteen sizes. There is certainly one which fits your car and makes your pet comfortable.

The Variocage Crash Tested Dog Travel Crate includes an integrated built in key lock for total safety. In the case of a mishap, a trapped dog can be released through the exceptional rear escape hatch. The Variocage Crash Tested Dog Travel Crates also come with a rubber carpet for 100 percent comfort as well as quiet, easy and stress free cleaning.

Security for both pets and human occupants has always been the main objective of MIM, the makers of the MIM safe variocage and AllSafe harness. These agencies have so many years of experience in making, testing as well as manufacturing many crash tested items for the automotive industry in Europe.

All in all, if you want a place for your dog wherein he or she can relax as well as sleep without disturbance, choose only the Variocage Crash Tested Dog Travel Crate. This product allows you to travel with your dog safely and comfortably. This is 100 percent reliable and the only crash tested travel crate available out there.

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